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Remarks of the Chairman of the Group

Every person comes to this world with a responsibility to assume; and every enterprise comes to this society with a mission to accomplish. The responsibility derives from our meditation and the mission from our reflection. Then what is my responsibility and what is Mauhwa's mission?

When the two are combined, it occurs to me that "Pursuing Business Integrity and Prosperity; Building Your Home and Life" is exactly what I want. And it is this ideal that encourages and drives me to serve my company and contribute to the society.

In the past 15 years full of twists and turns, the original "GuangHua Pavilion", a small company that majors in development of single programs with only 7 employees at start, to the current "Mauhwa Group", a conglomerate that owns 15 share-controlled subsidiaries, covers the whole value chains in residential building and commercial real estate development and employs several hundreds of personnel. We made this huge achievement because we persistently uphold the strategy of eyeing the latest trend, responding accordingly, marketing actively and developing prudently; we insistently adhere to the market-oriented, customer-centered and marketing-pioneered ideal in developing the programs; we are open-minded to integrate the advantageous recourses in our industry and pursue teamwork spirit for cooperation and win-win situations; and we build a professional team making "integrity, respect, innovation and persistence" as their core values.

In the future, Mauhwa will put more efforts in improving our development and management capability in residential and commercial real estate and continue to establish our brand as a professional land developer. Mauhwa is on its way, a way of pursuing progress and innovation, a way of outgrowing its old self through constant improvement and a way of showing its loyalty to our country and customers and care to our employees. We do this because we made a commitment of "Pursuing Business Integrity and Prosperity; Building Your Home and Life" to our society, customers, employees and future.